Eclectic Boho Style Meets Nature at the Round House

Imagine the birds singing, frogs croaking and the sound of running water from every room. With its curved walls, its hand crafted details and its connection to nature this home holds a very special spiritual and calming quality. 

All walls are circular on plan which originated from the Architect designing the home based on the principles of Sacred GeometryContinue reading and for more photos...

Nightfall Wilderness Camp, Lamington NP

A sustainable, luxury camping experience and retreat hand made and built with love by the owners Steve and Heidi Ross. Continue reading and for more photos...

New Build Home, Balmoral

A 5 bedroom new build in Balmoral was constructed from recycled timber and concrete blocks and finished with non VOC paints and low VOC floor finishes. For more photos...

Three Little Girls and a Boy Named Ted, Bulimba

Our brief was "to create a French inspired retail store" with healthy low toxic materials and a sustainable focus. Working closely with our client our inspiration was drawn from an ecletic mix of French shabby chic, the Hamptons and shaker styles. We also combined a mix of hand crafted items, fair trade products, reclaimed and natural finishes. Continue reading and more photos...

The New Wardrobe, Bulimba

The store itself is a cute size so the challenge was to create a store that felt brighter and more spacious. To do this we kept the joinery lightweight in look, used glass for some of the shelving, made the clothing, rear wall and central table the focus of the room and introduced plenty of mirrors. The use of a natural colour palette for the materials and finishes also helped to keep the room looking light and welcoming. Continue reading and more photos...

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  1. Hi Lisa

    Found your site on an odyssey via Maria Popova's site. Particularly love your Maleny work. Blown away when I saw Tim Linkins Pipalpot ..very beautiful design..Used to study with Tim and from that brief glimpse of his work, I see that it reflects him - and his partner Diki who I don't know - so well..good for the world too. Thank You for sharing.



Thanks for your thoughts. I read every comment and appreciate your feedback.
Have fun, Lisa

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