Monday, November 28, 2016

Cool Alternative Christmas Tree Ideas

Every year it frustrates me to see those green or white plastic Christmas trees being sold in the stores! Not only are they toxic (I find the smell quite overwhelming!) but they are forever shedding, cost lots for what they are and do not last long. You end up throwing them out, they then go into landfill and off you go to the store next year to buy another one! Please stop…

Its still November and I know we are all time poor this time of year, but what if you could make one (as a creative project with your children) or buy one that has been made with recycled materials from someone like Etsy?

Here are some ideas to get your creative juices flowing…

Images above from ReTreeJoy
1. Using timber dowels to make a tree
 These dowels you can pick up from any hardware store or you can buy this tree from ReTeeJoy

Image from Drift Wood Designs
2. Using driftwood to make a tree.
Great idea if you are by the beach for Christmas. I will be and this is what I will be making! This one is also available from Drift Wood Designs.

Images above from Hello Yellow House
Image from Fresh Design Pedia
3. Using timber rods to make a tree. 
Very simple and very effective. Again these timber rods can be purchased from any hardware store - These can also be purchased from HelloYellowHouse on Etsy

Image from Handle With Care
Image from Inhabitat
 4. Using cardboard to make a tree. 
Again this can be very simple and very effective. This would make a great project to make with children and recycled cardboard is easy to find in your home. Think old cardboard moving boxes, act.

Image from BtpMirepoixdesigns
 5. Using recycled timber. 
I love these, I think these are so cool and a great way to use recycled timber. If making them is to hard then they can be purchased from BtpMirepoixDesigns on Etsy. 

Image from Monk and Honey
6. Using recycled timber planks.
Again a great idea for a larger tree. These can also be purchased on Etsy from Monk and Honey.

Hope this have given you a few ideas.
Have fun

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