Monday, December 7, 2015

Recycled Timber Dining Room Tables

Building furniture made from recycled timber is not just a trend but a necessity!

Most of Australian timber furniture is imported from overseas and a huge amount is taken from unsustainable logged forests and tropical rainforests. A way to stop this is to reduce our demand for cheap, mass produced, timber furniture imports and purchase furniture made in Australia and sourced from local recycled timber sources.

image via Recycled Lane
This dining room table, created by Recycle Lane, is a great example of creating a unique dining room table, made from recycled timber and a striking statement piece that sits well in this simple white kitchen. 

A problem most people have with finding the right dining room table is finding the right size table to suit their needs. By designing your own table you not only control the timber colour, finish, design and style but also the size.

You can also choose the exact timber you like by using companies like Timber Search to hep you locate various pieces of recycled timber, these are a few examples of their recycled timber stock.
image via Timber Search
When you are looking at renovating an old piece of timber furniture or buying a new piece here are a few points to think about that are better for the environment and will save you money!

Option 1 
Repair, restore or adapt something you already have. 

Option 2
Buy secondhand, recycled furniture, reclaimed or waste timber.

Option 3
Buy furniture made from locally produced FSC timber.

If you are struggling with imagining the possibilities of this approach then hiring an Interior Designer will help you create your special original piece of furniture.

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