Thursday, November 14, 2013

Fabric Alternatives For Cushions Covers :: Recycled Indian Sari Fabric

I have recently ordered some second hand Indian sari fabric from Delhi via Etsy.

Why? You may ask? 

Sari's come in about 5m length of fabric and a standard roll wide. Depending on the fabric style they can vary in pattern and colours across the entire length. This makes for an interesting mix of colours and patterns from just one or two pieces of fabric.

LHS image - sari artwork from the restaurant Dal Roti in Fort Kochi, Kerala, India
RHS image - some of my sari material
You can see how many different colours and patterns you can get from just one sari!

The fabric patterns will also tie in nicely with the Indian theme of my new outdoor seating area.

If you are looking for an eclectic set of cushions with mix and match patterns, colours and designs and do not mind making your own cushion covers then this makes for an interesting option. 

It is also far cheaper for the amount of fabric that you get and great to know that the fabric has found a new lease of life. 

Will post photos when all the fabric has arrived...

Has anyone used any other interesting recycled fabrics to make their cushions? 

Have fun.

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