Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Recycled Fabric Cushion Ideas

I have a project on currently where we are using fabrics and rugs from Mexico to make cushion covers for a lounge area. Have a good look in your cupboards for those old blankets and throws. Instead of throwing out your old clothes why not recycle an old woolen knit jumper or a pair of jeans. You can even use an old rug. 

Here's a few ideas to get you started...
Vintage Sari material can also make great cushion covers like this one made by The family Love Tree.
An old Turkish Kilim can also make a great cushion cover like this one from The Family Love Tree.
Turn an old woolen jumper into a cushion. DIY idea from Brassy Apple and a great tutorial here.
Cushions made from hessian by Home Life
Vintage dollies can also get a new lease of life with this idea from Detailed Design via Etsy.

Now for some denim...
Recycled denim seat cushion idea by Barbie Shukster at Ecouterre.
Strips of denim and hem offcuts also make a great idea by Detailed Design via Etsy.
Leftover fabric remnants from Cloth Fabric. Read more here.
Gather those old jeans and create robust cushion covers, great for kids rooms. Ideas by Ashbee Design and a great mix of tutorials here.

Recycled patchwork cushion ideas

Sometimes it just pays to hoard...

Have fun.

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