Monday, August 19, 2013

Country Style Home :: Kitchen Sink Design Ideas

What do you think of when you think of a Country Style Home?

I always think of the kitchen first and those old country style kitchen sinks. I would love to own one of these but until then here's a few for inspiration.

Country Style Kitchen Sinks

There is such a wide selection of sinks to choose from these days but a style of sink that find it's self quite a home in any country style kitchen is a Farmhouse, Butler or Belfast sink.
Most of these type of sinks are made form fireclay ceramic and although not as robust as stainless steel they add that element of character to any country style kitchen.
Brick bond rectangle wall tiles look great above these sinks.
As do open shelving.
My humble apologies for not being able to credit the origin of these photos. If you are the owner one of these images please let me know and I will add your details to the image.

Have fun shopping for your perfect country style kitchen.


  1. My girlfriend and I are currently in the process of redesigning our own kitchen; it's a bit dated and in need of a serious facelift. Last weekend we bought a new single wall oven which we excites both of us since we love cooking. We can't wait to continue to make improvements! Thanks for the additional ideas!

  2. I worked as an interior decorator which includes classic and modern kitchens and I really appreciate for such wonderful designs. I actually like the 1st and 3rd sink designs as they are perfectly matched the theme.

  3. Good information dear. I have More stuff about Kitchen Interior Design Ideas to share


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