Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Pink & Orange Cushions Fabrics

These are from InstyleWarwick Fabrics & Mokum
I had such a fun day yesterday rummaging though a few upholstery fabric showrooms in Brisbane. 

I am looking for fabric swatches to make a mixed selection of cushions for my very white outdoor seating area. 

I have always had in mind a pink and orange theme, mixed with Moroccan and Indian patterns, but using fabric sample off cuts and smaller fabric pieces. The trick here is to find fabrics that are OK to use outdoors and will not fade with sunlight. 

Tip 01: 
Pinterest comes in quite handy here if you are searching for inspiration or a colour theme. I keep mine on boards labelled by colour so that I can refer to them later on.
my inspiration from my
 Colour :: Orange Pinterest Board
inspiration from my
 Colour :: Orange Pinterest Board
Tip 02: 
It is always a good idea to lay your fabric selections over the intended furniture so that you see how the colour and pattern works with the style of furniture. This also applies if you are reupholstering an old piece of furniture.

Will update later on my final selections.

Have fun.

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