Friday, July 12, 2013

How To Decorate :: The Natural Style

Image from interior designers Hare + Klein 
As the name suggests “natural modern” is a type of interior design and decoration style that combines the use of recycled furniture with natural sustainable finishes, natural fibres like hemp, jute, sisal and linen, textures instead of patterns, taupe, off-whites and neutral earthy colours and lots of timber. 

It is also a change of mindset for consuming less, choosing environmentally friendly finishes, fittings and materials and breathing new life into unloved furniture.
 image via Design to Inspire for more natural kitchen images link here

1. via Bloomingville 2. via Restoration Hardware 3 & 4 the style-files 5 natural modern interiors 
6 natural modern interiors 
images by Peter Bennetts of Fjall Ski Lodge
for more link here
via natural modern interiors
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