Wednesday, July 17, 2013

How To Decorate :: The Eclectic Style

This is a decoration style for those who love to travel and mix the exotic with the reclaimed and the new. 
It combines antique and reclaimed furniture, new pieces mixed up with market finds, Moroccan style lanterns and candles, hand made tribal rugs, heavy pattern fabrics, textiles and cushions along with a strong mix of colours and earthy tones. 
image via The Fashion Medley
With a Moroccan influence.
image via Desire To Inspire
With a subtle Chinese influence.
image via Anya Adores
With an African influence.
image via Anya Adores
With a subtle Chinese influence.
image via Poetic Wanderlust
With an Oriental influence.
image via Home Design Collections
With a subtle Mexican influence.
This style will let you boldly mix many different patterns and colours together or just keep it neutral. It is a decoration style that adds character to any room and has many stories to tell.

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