Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Recycled Patchwork Fabric Sofas

What can one do when your sofa looks tired, frayed on the seat cushions and has seen better days? 

Buy a new one? 
Buy a new cover? 
Throw a sheet over it? 
Or re-upholster?

I love my old sofa... It was a lovely house warming present from my dear Nan, purchased from Ikea UK over 12 years ago. It has participated in 4 house moves and one long boat ride from the UK...

It has lasted really well considering and still has the original fabric, is sturdy, the seat cushions still have great structure and it is so comfortable. The only thing now is that the seat cushions are a little thread bare and in need of a makeover. 

So this has now become a little personal project of mine to create a new look with my existing sofa. I am thinking of:

  • Using recycled upholstery grade fabric where possible
  • Changing the style of the legs
  • Changing the colour of the legs
  • Making new scatter cushions
To start my project I have added some images of other successful patchwork sofas for inspiration.
Image via Terry's Fabrics
I love how the choice of patterns used within this patchwork sofa co-ordinates so seamlessly with the colour scheme in this room. A great colour combination!
Image from the Spier Hotel
This sofa takes on more of a natural colour scheme and is highlighted by the green dining room chairs and co-ordinated by the use of natural woods and use of pale green within this room.
Image via Arthur G's furniture

By keeping the patchwork design structured, the cushions works well with the square style of the sofa frame.
Images via Design Rulz

This is where you can have a little more fun by creating a statement piece by using both strong colours and strong patterns.

I will let you know how it all goes.

Have fun.

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