Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Ethnic cushion style

I love traveling and have always loved the idea of bringing something back from my travels and integrating it into my home. 

I always make time to find those local fabric markets, not just for that holiday experience, but to bring something back that I know I would struggle to source back home in Australia.

Cushion cover fabric is one of the easiest things to look for at these markets.

If you keep your sofa base fabric neutral you can add a wild mix of colour, texture and patterns with cushions made from pieces of handcrafted textiles, old rugs and fabrics from your travels.
image from Richard Powers
These cushions have a handcrafted South American vibe!
Pairing cushions with a rug also helps anchor the room or area.
images from style files

These cushions are made out of old ponchos from Peru!
What a great way to remind you of your holidays and add a splash of colour and decorating confidence to your room.

Have fun.


  1. The fun is in searching for these textiles in crazy places and meeting the wonderful people who make them. We travelled around Peru and Bolivia and sourced the most incredible hand worked textiles which we make into cushions and sell in London, UK.

  2. Love that first image! Quite a talent to combine a tropical vibe and a cosy, fire side opportunity in one room. I'm a little obsessed with collecting textiles too. Beats a snow dome any day. Great blog.


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