Thursday, March 14, 2013

Recycled Chairs :: Stackable Old School Chairs

My family and I have recently moved from our lovely 67 sqm Brisbane Post War home in Brisbane to a larger home by the sea in Hervey Bay. 

We plan to raise, extend and add a much needed deck to our Brisbane home at a later date but in the mean time we have swapped our city life for a sea change while we plan for the future new house build. 

This move has given us the opportunity to have outdoor living areas for the first time since we have been in Australia and this we are quite excited about.

So I now have some new "To do lists"...

1. Look for some second hand outdoor dining room chairs and recycle.
2. Reupholster and give some new life to some up my old dining room seats.
3. Look for some old timber doors or recycled timber furniture to make a new outside dining room table.
4. Find some old secondhand daybeds, refurnish to create to a new outdoor lounge area.
5. Start planning for the new build.

Now for Task 1 - Inspiration for new dining room chairs

Currently I have some old dining room, ply stackable, 'school style' chairs (originally from Ikea UK many years ago) and I am now looking for some ideas to give them a new face lift.
via poppytalk
This recycled old school chair has been given a great revamp just by adhering fabric scraps and samples to its back and base.

Here's a great idea if you love painting. These beautiful chairs from Anthropologie are hand painted with different flower and landscape scenes.

via decor8blog
Finally for something for softer. This comfortable revamp of a classic 1930's school chair by UK textile and pattern designer Ellen Calvert has created a cushion base and back by knitting the cushion and based with a giant woolen knit, then she applies a pattern print to then embroidering over on top.

Have fun.

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  1. These are all great ideas - but I especially like the first one! Jane


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