Friday, August 24, 2012

Xavier Rudd's Home :: Natural Finishes, Recycled Materials and Sustainable Design

It's been such a busy time for me over the last month and I apologise for my lack of updates and posts. 

I have been working on varied selection of projects from an organic coffee cafe (on site as we speak), a sustainable new country kitchen refurbishment to an new build circular organic home. I am so excited about all these projects and will be posting more details over the coming weeks. 

Until then, a project that I have been using as a point of reference for the use of natural finishes and recycled timber is Xavier Rudd's home designed by Zen Architects in Melbourne.

What interests me with this house is the mix of soft natural finishes, sustainable and eco friendly architecture and capability to store excess electricity.

This home features straw bale walls with a hand rendered plaster finish, timber construction, reclaimed timber for stairs, rails and seating and polished concrete floor giving that natural and earthy feel. 
Love the reclaimed taps, Moroccan style wall tiles and stone wash hand basin.
What a creative outdoor shower concept!

all images by Phillip Stubbs

Also, unlike grid-connected power systems this home has an off-the-grid (stand alone) power system to store excess electricity produced during the day into batteries which supply the house at night or when its is overcast. 

It would be great to be off grid in the future but while we still work in close proximity to cities we will have to do with a grid connected system instead.

Have fun.


  1. Thanks for sharing this lovely home. It looks like a great home for both concentrating on and creating masterpeice music. Surrounded by nature and natural timbers this unique home is filled with ambience and natural light. I believe this home needs to be built in Byron Bay. So Xavier can chill after his gigs.


Thanks for your thoughts. I read every comment and appreciate your feedback.
Have fun, Lisa

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