Monday, July 9, 2012

Recycled Candle Centre Pieces, Coat Hooks and Book Ends

Now here are a few original recycling ideas by artisan designer Terina Smith.

These pieces have been rescued from landfill or farmers paddocks then cleaned, polished and given a new lease of life. 
I love these coat hooks made from recycled locks 

These candle centre pieces, book ends and coat & hat racks have been created from 100 year old electricity cross beams and old insulators found in the Scenic Rim region. 

Recycled candle centre pieces
Recycled coat & hat racks
Recycled bookends.
All images courtesy of Terina Smith
Can you imagine that these pieces would have been passed by bullock trains and horse & cart, seen the advent of motor vehicles and dirt tracks turn into bitumen roads and been around to see the telegraph replaced by telephones and now optical fibre cabling. 

What an amazing piece of history in a recycled object. 

If anyone would like to buy these feel free to drop me an email here.

Have fun.

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