Friday, June 22, 2012

Recycled Timber Wallpaper

I was looking for some recycled timber wall images when I stumbled across these by designer Piet Hein Eek.
all images via designer Piet Hein Eek

No kidding, these are actually wallpapers!  Having worked with recycled timber quite a bit it I understand how hard it is to achieve this look and still have a smooth practical wall. This is a fantastic option to achieve this look in a wallpaper!

If you are still after the recycled look but with a smooth practical surface another option is to strip the timber and apply a new surface.

I used recycled timber for a feature wall in a store named Three Little Girls &  A Boy Named Ted (link to the story and photos of the project). I have also added a couple of before and afters below.

The recycled timber was sourced from an old Queenslander style house in Brisbane. In its original form it had a lovely look to it but in this case it was a bit too damaged and gnarled to have delicate clothes hung next to the surface. So instead of keeping the raw look, the timber was then striped clean, painted with a natural paint and finished with a wax top coat. 
The early stages: From recycled timber complete with nails and weathered surface to new feature finish after being painted and waxed.
The final look kept the quality and age of the recycled timber but with a beautiful texture and smooth feel to it.
If this look's like too much work you can purchase the wallpapers in Australia from Safari Living.

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  1. Hi Lisa just wondering if you could tell me where i could buy this timber look wall paper in victoria.

  2. I'm wondering if off cuts are available?

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