Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Open Kitchen Shelves Ideas

I am currently working on a new kitchen design and thought I would share with you a few images I am using for inspiration. 

For this project I am thinking of using open shelving for a natural modern style but with a country influence...
image from here
Floor to ceiling storage is great if you have all those heirlooms pieces that are still packed in storage boxes!
image from photographer Daniel Farmer
image from Style Files
A thick solid timber edge helps to make a feature of the shelving and give a natural look to the kitchen. 
Heidi Lender's San Francisco kitchen, image via Design to Inspire
For that extra country look why not decant some of your most popular ingredients into glass jars, label and display on open shelves for a splash of colour and of course an easy reach...

Have fun.

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  1. I like open shelving in kitchens, it can get a bit dusty and dirty but I still like having the ease of access and not only that, many of the kitchen items are too nice to have hidden away.


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