Friday, May 18, 2012

Vegetable Peeler Japanese Style

I mentioned last week on my blog that I was on a hike between the towns of Magome and Tsumago in the Kiso Valley. Traditionally these steep hillside villages did not have a mains water supply like most large towns and cities and so they relied on water from rivers channelled along the side of the main village footpath.
I noticed this in the water channel and waited to see what it was for...
Then along came this lovely lady with a big grin on her face watching me watching her! She smiled then turned around and removed the device from the water and opened up a flap on the side. Out popped loads of small peeled potatoes. What a great idea! Fantastic no more peeling, let the water do it for you!
These channels have been used to supply water for everything in the village from the filling of outside kitchen sinks, laundry & washing, water storage for fire fighting for the timber houses as well as some novel uses like the Japanese potato peeler!

Have fun.

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  1. You'll be stunned at the assortment peelers you'll find in a kitchenware shop or online.


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