Thursday, April 19, 2012

Shoe Storage Ideas for the Home :: Entrance Area

Inspired by the Japanese " No Shoe" policy I started to think about what I can store shoes in by my own front door. I know Ikea have a few shoe storage solutions but I would like to stick to my recycled, reuse and reduce approach and look for different ways to store my shoes. 

Here's a few recycled storage ideas for shoes...

1. Recycled crates
A great stackable storage idea. Sand back and apply a natural stain, white wash or paint a colour. The trick here is to find a selection of the same size crates in the style that you like. 
image via funky junk interiors
image via modern house insight
2. Vintage furniture or old furniture
An old wardrobe, side board or even an old Ikea Lac shelf unit can be easily stripped back or painted and a few internal shelves added. For a low side board you can also add a cushion to the top and make into a seat.
top image via skcnis bottom image via apartmenttherapy
image via interior design photos
3. Racks & ladders
If you have loads of high heels and not a lot of space a ladder will also work! 
top image via houzz, bottom via via Michelle on Pinterest
I am thinking maybe a recycled piece of vintage furniture. 
See what I can find when I return...

Have fun.


Thanks for your thoughts. I read every comment and appreciate your feedback.
Have fun, Lisa

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