Friday, April 6, 2012

Recycled Car Tyre Seats & Tables :: Philippines

Imagine my surprise when I stumbled across these recycled car tyre seats and table on Alona beach, Panglao Island, off the coast of Bohol.

The last time I sat on furniture made from recycled car parts was in London many years ago in the warehouse studio of designer Ron Arad (some of his furniture is now housed in the London Design Museum!).
These were made by the restaurant owner from truck tyres and were actually very comfortable to sit on...
I even found this set, painted green, on Cabilao island many miles away...
It's great to see recycled furniture made locally from materials that would otherwise be thrown away given a new life even on a remote beach in the Philippines.

Next stop Japan :)

Have fun.


  1. They look awesome in turquoise, and I can imagine they would be super comfy, I can imagine having a few drinks sitting right there. Speaking of having a few drinks....we should catch up when you get back, I'm sure you have some amazing stories to tell from your trip. (I'm not a stalker-really)
    Sar x

  2. Fantastic! I very nearly booked a trip to the Philippines in July, but the prospect of monsoonal weather stopped me; so it's Bali instead. I'm off to Hong Kong in June by myself and can't wait. Not that it will be so peaceful - but a holiday adventure nevertheless!
    You've captured so many beautiful pictures from your travels. You should collate them into a coffee table book. x


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