Friday, February 24, 2012

Coastal Tropical Interior Colour Palettes :: Sabah, Borneo, MalaysiaFabric and

My trip around Borneo was an interesting mix of modern, traditional and indigenous design but what remains with me is the colourful natural environment that is seen in the outdoors; the wildlife, marine life, tropical beaches, rainforest and stunning sunsets.
The sunset colours are really like this... absolutely stunning!
A vast choice of floating accommodation.
This would be very relaxing to most but I must admit it felt quiet strange for me to be sleeping 500mm above the sea with the sound of the waves lapping underneath the timber floor boards. 
A mix of fabric and bamboo panels decorate the walls.
Some rainforest tent and villa accommodation.
Courtesy images from the Bunga Raya Island Resort, the Sipadan Kapalai Dive Resort, Lankayan Island Resort, Gayana Eco Resort and some of my own photos.

From nature there is always an endless supply of inspiration for interior colour palettes.

Have fun.

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