Monday, January 23, 2012

Modern Art Deco :: Trinity, Malabar house, Fort Cochin, Kerala

This beautiful home dates back to 1740 and was the headquarters of the Dutch East India Company here in Kochi, Kerala.

What caught my eye with this lovely property was the architectural style, original reclaimed features and bold use of colour used to create these colonial styled villas built around private courtyards. 
Each villa has it's own indoor-outdoor bathroom next to a courtyard with an outdoor shower that uses a large metal bowl set into pebbles for it's base.
There is also a vast range of eye-catching artwork and sculptures arranged around the house and a beautiful collection of Art Deco furniture interspersed with modern furniture.
The terracotta ceiling tiles
Eye-catching artwork and sculptures
The entrance and building style
With this style of modern architecture along with the use of original features like the original terracotta tiles within the vaulted ceilings, there is a strong sense of history and character that you would struggle to achieve with a regular plasterboard ceiling and rendered walls!

Have fun.

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  1. It's really beautifully done. The exterior is quite wonderful- that simple stone (is it a pond or just a sculpture) is a marvelous balance to the simple building. Just enough detail, without being too fussy.


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