Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Contemporary interior design in Kathmandu :: Pipalbot

Pipalbot showroom in Kathmandu, Nepal
On the last few days of my visit to Kathmandu I stumbled across a Baber Mahal Revisited which is an new redevelopment of a series of old Rana buildings and courtyards converted into craftsman based retail showrooms and a couple of amazing restaurants. 

Hidden amongst these courtyards I was excited to find the interior design showroom and lifestyle store called Pipalbot, so I had to pop in... 

Pipalbot is a joint venture between Tim Linkins (an Australian-born architectural photographer and designer) and partner Diki Ongomo (who is based in Kathmandu).
Hand-made silk rugs
Their designs are created in the Kathmandu Studio by a network of local Nepalese craftsmen, dyers and weavers creating Tibetan wool and silk rugs. There is also other objects of art created from locally sourced materials like cane, ceramic, wool and cashmere.

This was a pure delight to find such great modern designs using local craftsmen and artisans all here in Kathmandu.

Have fun.



  1. Wow, what a great find. It's nice to see local craftspeople appreciated and their work showcased in such a beautiful setting.

  2. Hi Lisa, wow just love your Kathmandu inspired blog articles. I visited Tibet in October, and can see how the beautiful rich and vibrant colours and natural resources inspires the furniture, silks, soft furnishings and fabrics and how it translates beautifully. The rich reds, blues, yellows, browns and greens of the Buddhist aura colours are gorgeous. I really like the concept and the ethos of using local suppliers and crafts people as both Nepalalese and Tibetans are poor and local employment is so important for them. Thank you for writing about your travels.


Thanks for your thoughts. I read every comment and appreciate your feedback.
Have fun, Lisa

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