Monday, September 19, 2011

Joglo Living :: Khayangan Estate, Bali

I had the absolute pleasure last week to assist a lovely client with her furniture layouts for a traditional Joglo she is building in a beautiful tropical setting just inland from Noosa. 

If you are wondering what a Joglo is? They are a type of traditional crafted timber house, mainly found in Bali and Java and built to be dismantled and moved easily. 

I have attached a fine example of one, recommended by my client, with The Khayangan Estate in Bali. These particular Joglos were once the traditional home of Javanese aristocracy and have been saved from destruction and lovingly restored.
Fantastic indoor / outdoor views...

Note the use of high ceilings, low perimeter shading and no major internal walls allowing cool breezes to flow throughout.

images from The Khayangan Estate
The result seamlessly mixes traditional craftsmanship with antique pieces and contemporary furniture within a tropical backdrop. 

Having travelled to some hot places I have nearly always been more comfortable with the heat with high ceilings, massive ceiling fans and shaded open areas rather than enclosed rooms with air conditioning units... 

In the absence of having one of these Joglos shipped over from Bali for myself... I await with excitement to see my client's one finished in the not too distant future and the chance to visit The Khayangan Estate the next time I am in Bali. 

Have fun.


  1. Love this style - the long billowing curtains create so much coolness and luxury from such a simple thing.

  2. Oh Lisa, it's beautiful! What a space and so nice to know that they were saved from destruction and restored but also to know that, as a building, their impact on the environment is minimal as they can be dismantled and moved.

  3. Gorgeous! I'm loving those intricate details on the wood. Have a wonderful day, Kellie xx


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