Friday, September 9, 2011

Hotel Omm :: Barcelona

It's been a few years since I stayed here but if you are ever in Barcelona and fancy a contemporary city splurge this is your place. 

Designed by architect Juli Capella and interior designers Sandra Tarruella and Isabel L√≥pez, Hotel Omm  is like your own personal cocktail and lounge bar. With it's clean lines, use of timber and warm contemporary colours mixed with a few eclectic pieces you really feel that plain old white walls are history!

Jacobsen "Egg" chair by the lounge and fireplace.
My favorite pieces are the real Jacobsen "Egg" chair by the lounge fireplace, the use of low ceilings to create intimate casual seating areas (which is opposite to most hotel foyers), the timber four poster timber bed and not to forget the chinese tea pots all reminds you that you are not in your usual hotel.
This fantastic four poster is one of my all time favorite bed designs!

Even if you are unable to stay it is still worth treating yourself to a cocktail and a much needed rest in the foyer lounge or splurging on the day spa.

Have fun.

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