Monday, August 8, 2011

Knitted objects :: Granny lamps

Knitting may not be trendy these days but maybe I can change your mind?

I was searching for some lamps that were made from natural materials and a softer style than the usual when I came across this Granny Lamp by casamania and designer Pudelskern. 
The design is inspired by a direct response to the climate challenges of cold winters and reviving the traditions and memories of your Granny knitting around the fireplace while telling stories. I am sure we all have these same memories?

This thick natural wool comes from sheep bred on alpine pastures and each lamp can even be tracked back to the flock where the wool came from.
images from Casamania & Pudelskern
The wool is then knitted by a collective of home-based workers in the Netherlands and then a natural treatment is applied making the wool flame resistant and resistant to moth and mite infestation.

This is such a nice way to bring back traditional skills in such a modern style... and if you are looking to buy these in Australia they can be sourced through Janie Collins Interiors.

Have fun.


  1. They are gorgeous! I would definitely use them!

  2. Making crochet or knit objects from recycled plastic bags isn't a new thing – i remember handbags that my mother or granny had made out of plastic bags from my childhood.

  3. Nice find! How lovely are they... it's fun when people push the boundaries :)


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