Monday, August 15, 2011

Green Furniture Upholstery Fabric Alternatives :: Knitted Stools

I happen to agree that reupholstering furniture is a quick and easy way to bring new life to an old piece of furniture and make a basic piece of furniture look amazing. 

Also it does not have to stop with recovering chairs, you could recover stools, make a new headboard, transform an ugly ottoman, recover old cushions, beanbags, the list goes on...

Also there is no reason why you could not use these fabric alternatives:
  • Vintage curtains
  • Old covers for sofas
  • Thick felt blankets
  • Old thick clothes like denim
  • Knitted wool

So following on from last weeks knitted lamps I found these lovely knitted stools. 

Created by Claire-Anne O'Brien these stools are a texture mix of hand and machine knit stitches inspired by the elements of the knitted stitch itself such as rings and loops. 
image from Claire-Anne O'Brien
Also these Urchin Poufs designed by Christian Meindertsma are hand knit in the Netherlands using wool from a New Zealand and when you purchase your stool you get a card identifying where the sheep flock came from!
images from  Christian Meindertsma 
They are so inviting don't you just want to sit on them all?

Have fun.


  1. A great idea but I do think the stools look a little weird somehow but they're probably nice to sit on!

  2. YES! I want one of those brightly coloured stools. Great finds Lisa. x


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Have fun, Lisa

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