Friday, July 22, 2011

Richard Branson's Makepeace Private Island :: Noosa River, Australia

If you ever wished to stay on one of Richard Branson's Islands now you can!

A little bit piece of Bali has just arrived nearer to home in Richard Branson's Makepeace Private Island here on the Noosa River in Queensland.

The island accommodates up to 22 guests with a mixture of accommodation ranging from private Balinese Bures (Villa's), a Bali House and a Boat House. 

Each building is detailed in a traditional Balinese style.
This bath looks like it has been hand carved from Indonesia stone. 

All buildings have been designed and constructed in Bali and then reassembled on the island. This retains the Balinese traditional building style and supports both the local Balinese and Australian builders.
Also all furnishings, sculptures, antiques and lighting are one off original pieces sourced from throughout Bali, Java and Indonesia. That would have been a fantastic research and shopping excursion for someone!

images via Makepeace Island

You have to admire the traditional timber detailing.
Have a great weekend.

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