Monday, July 4, 2011

Kitchen & Dining Room Design Ideas :: Stools

A few weeks back I was looking for some timber stools for a dinning room table and now I have found some matching timber stools perfect for an island kitchen bench or bar area.

These timber stools are by Danish designer Erik Buch and manufactured by Preben Schou. 

images above from Great Dane Furniture
images from homelife and photographer Sam McAdam 
They come in a range of leather, fabric and timber combinations. My favourite would have to be the lime green leather seat and dark or light timber base...

If you fancy a splurge they can be purchased in Australia from Great Dane Furniture.

There are replicas on the market but if want your stool to last I would invest a little bit more in an original. 

Have fun.

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  1. Those are my most favourite stools ever. I wanted to buy them for our kitchen but we had run out of money!! I ended up buying some mid century/Danish style T.H Brown stools instead. xx


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