Friday, July 8, 2011

Alcheringa :: Lamington NP, Queensland

It's now mid winter here in South East Queensland and contrary to the perception of a hot sub-tropical climate it can get really cold here. 

So this time of year my thoughts go to sunny decks, outside hot tubs and cosy wood fire burners. 

One place that springs to mind that I have been trying to get a booking for a while is Alcheringa in Lamington National Park.
This retreat is an Architect designed house of rock, timber and glass which overlooks the stunning Numinbah & Coomera Valleys below.

With the use of timber cladding, filtered sunlight and a cosy fireplace this home creates a feeling of warmth, peace and tranquility which makes you leave the city life behind and feel the real meaning of a mountain retreat.

images from Alcheringa
I have been told that from the Master bedroom you can even wake up to see the clouds below you and with the massive deck and spa overlooking the forest, you can really feel like you are at one with nature!

Not a bad location for just a few hours outside Brisbane!

Have fun.


  1. Wow - this place looks amazing! You're going to have competition for a booking now :)

  2. Fantastic! That looks so appealing at the moment, I had 10 layers on yesterday morning when were were selling our junk at the Chandler markets. Crazy.


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