Monday, June 6, 2011

Recycled & Up-cycled Furniture :: Grand Designs Live 2011, London

There were a few furniture design companies at the show but these three recycled furniture designers / businesses really caught my eye as all three have a very different approach to recycled and up-cycled furniture design. Hope you enjoy...

Wind-felled Salvaged Timber Furniture
Firstly, the beauty in Jonathan fields work is that each piece of furniture is made from wind-felled salvage timber and inspired by the grain and cut of the timber. 
With each piece of timber being hand selected and designed around the shrinkage cracks, burrs and line of the grain for the right look and minimal wastage. 
With this in mind each piece tells a unique story and celebrates the age and history of the tree.
images via Jonathan Fields

Old Boat Furniture

This company aptly named Old Boat Furniture supply furniture to any design and colour combination, recycling timber furniture from no longer seaworthy fishing boats sourced from around South East Asia.

Each piece is slightly different thus making a new unique piece of furniture with both character and history.

images via Old Boat Furniture

'Once a Door' chairs by Claire Danthois Designs

Finally, this chair is bespoke up-cycling at its finest! Old doors, landfill recycled timber and old pew seats are used to create this new piece of furniture. 

Claire even makes sure that old markings from the previous use of the wood are not covered. 

For more recycled and up-cycled chair ideas check out Claire Danthois Designs.
image via Claire Danthois Designs

Have fun.

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  1. I love anything recycled/upcycled! I particularly like that table and the 'boat' chest of drawers. Nice work.


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