Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Royal Wedding :: The Goring Hotel, London

I am actually staying in the UK at the moment and along with many millions of people yesterday watched with delight The Royal Wedding.

Now when Buckingham Palace is full the 100 year old Goring Hotel is used as an overspill for guest accommodation. Yesterday the Middleton party booked out all of the rooms for their family and friends and held their own party there for those not invited to the Buckingham Palace bash.

The luxurious Goring Hotel opened in 1910 and was the world's first hotel with en-suite facilities and central heating to every bedroom. This was revolutionary for its time!

Here is a few pics of the it's luxurious comfort and glamourous interiors. 
spot the sheep...
images courtesy of The Goring Hotel
Have fun.


  1. Lucky you! Were you there for the wedding? Did you see it? I watched it because I'm such a romantic and it was just beautiful... the world needs that sort of love every now and then to connect us and bring out the best in us.

  2. timeless elegance, just lovely.

  3. Wow Lisa, didn't know you were popping home! Looks like a very glam hotel. Talk when you get back. Michelle


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