Monday, May 2, 2011

Grand Designs Live :: London 2011

When I used to live in the UK one of my favourite programmes use to be Grand Designs.

The presenter Kevin McCloud would feature ordinary people building or renovating architectural masterpieces, anything from listed heritage buildings, to castles and old warehouses to houses under the ground and carbon neutral eco homes.

While I am in the UK I will be packing my camera and popping along to the Grand Designs Live Exhibition in London to see the latest and greatest in Interior and Architectural design. For anyone from Australia I think it is being held in Sydney in October.

Until I return, here's a couple of images from the latest Grand Designs Magazine and Grand Designs Live Exhibition to wet your appetite.

love this glazing to the base of the house!
love the inside outside vista between the rooms!
photography by Richard Powers from Grand Designs Magazine

images via Grand Designs Live 2011
Have fun.


  1. Adore mosaic tiles, and especially in the luscious greeny~goldish palette, so this bathroom is pretty near perfection in my eyes!

  2. Oh Lucky, lucky you! I LOVE Grand Designs and am always so sad when the series ends. Currently we have re-runs of Grand Designs revisited on the ABC at 6pm week nights - yay! Even though I've seen them all before I still look forward to finishing up for the day and watching it. Enjoy the exhibition and hope you share those images :)

  3. I like the pics.It really shows the beauty of design.Thanks for sharing.

  4. Gorgeous, thanks for sharing Lisa. You know I love Grand Designs. See you soon. Michelle

  5. As a fellow GD de-vote-eee I am so excited for you. And to think that Gaby and I are both glued to the TV at 6pm watching the reruns makes me giggle.

  6. Great information and awesome pics.! I have been looking for something like this for a while now. Thanks!

  7. Wow! This is amazing, really liked the last picture of the bathroom. So grand and royal.

  8. Some of the pics are so beautiful....specially the one from Grand Designs Magazine.


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Have fun, Lisa

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