Monday, May 23, 2011

Garden Pods, Hanging Playrooms, Artificial Grass :: Grand Designs Live 2011, London

It was so nice to see Grand Designs Live in London. Even though in Australia our building standards and housing requirements are quite different it was nice to see a mix of different designs and ideas.
The show was clearly separated under the following different sections:
  • Gardens
  • Building
  • Interiors
  • Kitchens & bathrooms
  • Eco
As there were quite a lot of things to see each week I will focus on my 'Top Three' from each section starting with Gardens...


Here's an idea for a hanging chillout space. These alternative hanging structures are by Hang In Out and can be purchased on-line or here in Australia.
images via Hang-it-out
Designed for children and adults alike this design takes the hammock to another level. 

Made from acrylic canvas and marine sail cloth they come with UV protection, can be hung from anywhere and have additional insect screens. 

Having sat in one at the show I can vouch for how comfy they are!

Garden Pods

Long gone are the days of the 'Potting Shed'. Say "Hello" to the modern 'Man Cave' or garden pod, garden office, playroom or outdoor dining area.

These outdoor structures from Contemporary Garden Rooms have a wide collection of outdoor garden spaces to suit all your needs. 

A couple of structures caught my eye...
The Cube 
It is constructed from cedar and plywood and comes with a rubber roof. A great solution for creating an additional outdoor eating area, a relaxation room or playroom.

The myPod 
images above via Contemporary Garden Rooms 
This pod is constructed from Cedar and comes as a fully-insulated unit with double glazing, lockable doors and windows, seats and a table that folds down or stows away to make a sleeping area. 

These have been used as:
  • Outside dining rooms
  • Sleeping pods
  • Office pods
  • Kid's games rooms
  • Glamping (glamorous camping)
  • Music rehearsals pods

I know my husband would love this as his musical 'Man Cave'!

Also, if you live in the UK these units are less than 2.5m in height so no planning permission is required!

Artifical grass

More and more companies are now popping up with artificial grass as a more practical option to the real thing. This family of grass is from Easigrass in London. They have many different types for different uses and looks such as outdoor gardens, garden function areas, sports grass, indoor displays and child play areas.

I never thought that I would look into artificial grass but having lived here in Brisbane for a few years I can see the benefits such as: 

  • Pet friendly
  • Child friendly
  • No mud
  • No mowing
  • No watering

Although not a complete substitute for a well planned drought tolerant garden it allows for another option in our time poor lives and decreases the risk of those nasty ant bites!

I only know of one friend that has recently installed artificial grass here in Brisbane and that's Michelle from Paper Tree Studio. I will have to pop round soon and see how it looks and feels. 

Have fun.


  1. Lisa I adore the cacoons! They are so fun and unique!!

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    You will love it!

  2. Oh lucky you! It must be great to be there in person but thanks for sharing with us. Love it all - how fun are those cacoons... and am loving the Cubes...

  3. The use of artificial grass can be qualified to the benefits it can bring like you’ve mentioned on your blog. It seems children are having fun on that cacoons and I love to try it!

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  5. Getting synthetic turf is actually a good and practical choicebecause you won't be bothered taking care of your grass that much. Artificial grass is even more hassle-free. :)

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