Monday, May 9, 2011

Beach House Design Ideas :: Whitstable, England

Continuing with my beach side finds along the Kent coast...

Who needs to worry about the cost of a 350sqm house when you can live in something as small as 35sqm! 

Nina Tolstrup from Studiomama has designed this cosy beach house for her own family of four as a weekend retreat on the Whitstable coast.
The total floor area is only 35sqm plus a small deck at the front and rear. The structure is built on galvanised steel stilts to prevent flooding, with the outside clad in cedar shingles and inside clad in a light softwood timber.
Loads of ideas are used here for maximising space; split floor levels separating the sleeping from the living areas with bunk beds for the kids and a mezzanine sleeping area for the parents; a compact and efficient kitchen and bathroom and a mix of reclaimed timber furniture and stackable chairs.

images via Studiomama & Ben Anders

Sea views are captured by full height glazing to the front allowing for that inside-outside feel and maximum light penetration.

For a relaxing weekend just add a bottle of wine! Have fun.


  1. Very cool and amazing that you can fit so much into 35sqm!

  2. Gosh what a novel construction. Incredible! Like an adult version scandinavian cubby house; but very sophisticated despite it's size.
    I can imagine bundling up next to the fire and enjoying those views on a cold day.


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