Friday, April 15, 2011

Voyages Longitude 131° :: Yulara, Uluru (Ayers rock)

Camping is not for everyone but last weekend I had the pleasure and pain to be backpacking through Bald Rock National Park. The Park has a fantastic granite landscape full of large granite boulders, canyons, stone arches and plenty of panoramic views. There was plenty of scrambling up huge granite boulders for impressive views.

At the end of a long day I pitched my small tent in a wilderness campsite located at the base of South Bald Rock. No toilet or facilities but just a small stream for your water! Everything we needed had to be carried in our backpacks!

I then started to think if there was any easier 'Luxury wilderness tent' experience in Australia with amazing views.

The first one that sprung to mind was Voyages Longitude 131°. With a full view of Uluru these luxury 'tents' include all mod cons. There is a white domed roof using flowing fabric draped from the centre to create the illusion of camping. Even though it is a tent a flick of a bedside switch is all it takes to raise the blinds and watch the spectacular moods of Uluru at sunrise.
This one is definitely on my future travel list.

Have a great weekend.

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