Monday, April 18, 2011

Lighting ideas :: Handmade lamps weaved from pandanas grass

I was looking for lighting ideas for a project when I stumbled across these beautiful handmade lamps weaved from pandanas grass. This range of individual lamps called Yuta Badayala (translation “In a new light”) are made by Koskela and the Yolngu weavers from Elcho Island Arts.

This collaborative project provides Indigenous weavers with an additional stream of income from their work whilst retaining traditional skills, using sustainable materials and introducing new and unique ‘art products’ into the contemporary interiors market. 

images courtesy of Koskela
Here below is a clip about their compelling story. Enjoy.

Have a great Easter break and will return after the holidays. 


  1. Hi Lisa,
    I just love this post about Koskela and the work they have started with the Yolngu Weavers! Amazing inspirational story I wish them every success.
    Thanks so much for sharing x

  2. These are beautiful lamps. I love the video and well done:) great to see the community partnership making a great project. They would love you both in the Kimberley and you can experience they same the Barras and Crabs. I can give you contacts if needed. As this is a great project - well done to you both:)

  3. I love these lights. And well done what a great project...the Kimberley would love you both as well - plus you can still have barra and crabs. Great to see a community partnership to a worthwhile project. WELL DONE:)

  4. I absolutely Love these lights, and the story behind them. I would love one (or 2) of these one of a kind pieces of art.

  5. Nice find Lisa. Great background story. I like the earthy colours but what I love is the shadows they cast on the walls!

  6. Just fascinating what these people create. True artists with such simple materials. I do love the earthy colours used in these pandanus weavings, and also covet these tones in a dot painting. I'm saving up for one!


Thanks for your thoughts. I read every comment and appreciate your feedback.
Have fun, Lisa

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