Friday, March 4, 2011

Komaneka Tanggayuda :: Ubud, Bali

Today there has been non stop rain here in Brisbane... This rain reminds me of our first trip to Bali a few years back and a rather soggy stay in Ubud.

Ubud is a beautiful hillside village in the centre of Bali. If you prefer not to be part of the party scene on the coast and would rather relax in a day spa surrounded by lush rainforests, rice terraces and plenty of culture then the inland villages of Bali are the perfect option.

At the time I was designing a Balinese day spa here in Australia… so this trip was well timed and added an extra dimension to my interior design research!

As it was Christmas, we treated ourselves big time and stayed in the Komaneka Tanggayuda resort, just outside Ubud. This picture says it all...
Our accommodation was this Valley Pool Balinese Villa with our own private infinity edge plunge pool, day-bed pavilion and outdoor bathroom!
The design style of this resort reflects a contemporary interpretation of traditional Balinese architecture. It is also a great example of the architecture being constructed from local materials. These included "alang-alang" thatch roofing; "paras" sandstone and other Indonesian stones for the floors, walls and hand made outdoor bath; and hand crafted local furnishings and furniture.
This outdoor stone bath also came with its own surrounding frog pond! It was quite an amazing experience to have your own frog chorus in the evenings.

images via Komaneka
With such stunning views overlooking the surrounding landscape it did not matter that it rained the whole time. It was still warm and we could spent most of the time outside under the protection of our day bed pavilion reading and listening to the rain... bliss!

Since then there is now three in the resort chain. So if you feel tempted you can check them out here.

Have fun.


  1. How incredibly inviting!! We lived in Darwin for many years so would be right at home with the tropical weather & monsoons. Thanks for letting me know what it's like in Brisbane today, haven't spoken to my husband for a couple of days (he lives there, sigh). Love Posie

  2. Ah Ubud, it's been too long!

    Thanks for the recommendation Lisa, it's always good to get both a visual and verbal insight into a new place to stay - am bookmarking it now,

    Felicity x

  3. Gorgeous diversions from our crappy weather today. x

  4. Very beautiful. I love that open-air living. I've only been to Bali once and didn't make it to Ubud but one to keep in mind for the future - thanks for sharing :)

  5. I think Ubud is heaven on earth! What a stunning resort. I just love the Balinese architecture with all the natural elements and flow from inside/outside. Sigh...


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