Thursday, February 17, 2011

Tanjung Sanctuary :: Langkawi, Malaysia

This week, overlooking the tropical seas of north west Malaysia, two of my friends have been relaxing on holiday in the secluded Tanjung Sanctuary Resort & Spa in Langkawi.

I was planning to travel to Malaysia a few years back but changed my plans and stayed in Australia. So I was delighted to know a friend of mine was planning a holiday in Langkawi and willing to share their choice of accommodation...

Not a bad a view!
Images via Tanjung Sanctuary
This resort looks amazing, with a small number of private villas situated either on the beach or in the surrounding forest. I suspect there will be a few monkeys hanging out in the rainforest behind.

The villas are nicely decorated with timber floors and ceilings, soft colour tones and splashes of pattern and texture set against a backdrop of ocean blues and rainforest.

Well what can I say... just open your doors and enjoy nature at it's finest with that indoor-outdoor experience. I am sure they are in paradise and cannot wait to catch up with them next week. Have fun.

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