Monday, January 24, 2011

Helping to rebuild :: Flood discounts

My last post was during the floods. We lost power, the contents of our fridge freezer and had to clean up all the stuff we had stored under our house which had been attacked by mould build up from damp caused by the constant rain. We have been lucky compared to many and with so much loss elsewhere it did not feel right talking about interior design and decoration.

As a way of moving forward I would like to ask that if you know of anyone that has been affected by the floods please forward this website to them:
via Niche Studio
Flood discounts is a site started by a friend of mine from Niche Studio. It shows where flood affected families can go to get access to heaps of discounts from all types of trades and services. There are discounts from tile suppliers, building trades, building designers, kitchen manufacturers, furniture suppliers and much more.
Flood Discounts
Please pass this info onto anyone you know who may need assistance during this time to rebuild their lives and homes.


  1. Thanks Lisa - I'll pass it on. Hope you are well. Michelle

  2. Flood discounts is a great way to help. I have seen so many ways and I have done my little bit also.
    I have really been enjoying your blog and to add a little positive vibe I have passed on a Stylish Blog Award to you. I know its in an unusual time so don't feel obligated.
    Take care. xK


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