Friday, January 14, 2011

Brisbane floods 2011

Apologies for being off line for a while. We have only recently got power back on at our home.

I am speechless.... It feels quite surreal that this has happened to my home town of Brisbane and my friends home town of Toowoomba (which is high up on a mountain range). For anyone who is still on holiday and unaware of the severity of the flood disaster here in Brisbane and Queensland please feel free to click here for the latest update of the flooded areas.
A shoe floats out of the front door of a flooded residence in New Farm (Photo from Brisbane Times)
A couple of flooded houses in West End (Photo from Brisbane Times)
I have been through something similar before with the Boxing Day Tsunami but was able to escape the sea and return to Australia for emotional support. This time we have also been very lucky. 

We are close to the Brisbane River but our home is high up on a hill and safe from the flood level. Our neighboring suburbs however have not been so lucky. We used to live in Fig Tree Pocket right on the river's edge and only hope that there has not been too much damage to the houses of our FTP neighbours.

In times like these everyone is pulling together, mucking in and supporting friends, neighbours and strangers.

Our deepest thoughts go out to all who have lost so much in this tragic event.


  1. I am only new to your Blog Lisa but I wish you all the best for the times ahead and strength to help your friends and family through to the other side of this disaster.

  2. Hi Lisa, I was thinking of you knowing you live in the Bulimba area. I'm pleased to hear that you are safe and dry. See you soon, Thea x

  3. Oh Lisa. I have just read your post (and your previous post about the boxing day tsunami) and I am sure you are in quite a bit of shock. I am glad this time you are safe. It's a terrible thing for so many people. I hope you are OK and best wishes (-:

  4. Hi Lisa, Good to hear from you and good to know that you are well. I think now that the power is on I can contact Cubberla Hall in Fig Tree Pocket and see how it is there - considering we have planned there "A day of balance" Sunday the 23rd. - next Sunday from 8am - 2pm.
    If people need some extra inner balance to cope with the outer, I will give a couple of tickets away to the most needed ones.
    Best wishes, Shaktiprem

  5. Hola Lisa, i´m glad you are fine.
    it´s terrible to see that a lot, lot of people´s lives are taken by the water.
    i live in Paraguay, and our neighbors in Brazil are living a similar situation.
    two sides of the planet, same reality.

    warm hug.


  6. Hi Lisa,
    Very glad to hear all is well with you. The depths of peoples spirit has been so wonderful, along with everyones generosity with fundraising. It's the light I take out of this type of situation.
    Take care, Sonia

  7. Blast from the pastApril 18, 2011 at 10:59 PM

    Hi Lisa
    Love your blog - your stuff is so interesting - I think I should commission you as the whole of my house is very beige!!! I do have some red splashes but they are a little half hearted.
    I hope that you are well. I am glad you pursued your dreams of becoming a designer and what a place to live - it looks amazing.
    I still see some of the people from the old days when I venture down to Essex (about twice a year). I get frequent "pokes" from AP (another far flung colleague). Would be lovely to hear from you with your news.


Thanks for your thoughts. I read every comment and appreciate your feedback.
Have fun, Lisa

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