Friday, December 3, 2010

Green T. House :: Beijing, China

I know I have strayed from Australia here but I am a keen tea drinker and I have stumbled upon the Green T. House and Spa in Beijing. Created by artist, entrepreneur and tea lover JinR, the Green T. House is a "tea experience". A creative and relaxing community in a natural, simple and elegantly designed interior that mixes together dining, music, art, spa and minimalist architecture alongside the traditional tea ceremony.
images via Green T House
There is a delightful mix of pure finishes and natural materials like bleached timber, limestone and crafted doors and screens alongside JinR's artwork and beautifully restored furniture.

Being a tea drinker living in a coffee drinking country I would love to see a tea and spa concept like this over here. It seems like a wonderful place to escape to for rest, relaxation, inspiration and restoration of traditions that are in danger of being lost in our fast paced lives. This one is definitely on my list of visits. Have fun.


  1. Wow! Stray away I say. I would be in HEAVEN in a place like this. Thanks so much for sharing. Have a great weekend. I wish I was there! Amazing.

  2. I love the decorative screen doors. They look amazing. Definitely inspiring for my renovation.


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