Monday, December 13, 2010

Bathroom lighting ideas :: Moroccan and Turkish lamps

The holidays are now here and so I have a little extra time to spend on finishing things off around my own home. Tasks for this week include finding a reclaimed vanity unit and some mood lighting ideas for the bathroom.

In keeping with the Christmas spirit and looking for mood lighting for relaxing in the bathroom I am considering hanging a Moroccan or Turkish light. We have quite high ceilings so there should be enough space to hang a lamp and the light, shadows and colour cast should look great on the walls.

After a little searching I have found a few lamps that I quite like...
white wave design, just moroccan, this next, palmyra design & lush lighting
I have also remembered that I have a few lamps from Turkey in storage under the house that I purchased once in the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul a few years ago. I will have to search for those and see what condition that are still in. Have fun.

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