Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Bathroom design ideas :: Little details

Sometimes it's the little details that make a room...

I have been looking for ideas to add some interest to my small bathroom design. With the high cost of refurbishing a bathroom I am quite keen to introduce some ideas with cheaper recycled elements.
For those like me that live in a warmer climate and do not have a radiator in their bathroom, an old ladder can easily be used to throw those bathroom towels over.
Vessels can also make lovely additions to any bathroom design with a variety of uses. Instead of buying a new vase an old milk bottle, cup or jug can make a lovely vase.
images from Debi Treloar & Baileys Home and Garden 
Similarly, decorative side tables and wicker baskets can and an extra dimension and additional storage to any bathroom design. Have fun.


  1. Above shown bathroom vanities are terrific. You have done really the outrageous and the appreciable work. I am always looking forward for your updates.

  2. Your ideas are fabulous. I can imagine using these beautiful bathrooms.


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Have fun, Lisa

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