Wednesday, December 22, 2010

7 Recycled Christmas wrapping ideas

I am sure you have been very organised but if you are anything like me you may still have some Christmas presents to wrap.

Throughout the year I tend to collect preloved pieces of ribbon, buttons, scrap pieces of fabric and used tissue and wrapping paper so I can recycle them for wrapping presents. I usually use brown paper as the base and use my recycled items for extra wrapping and decorative features.

Not only can you save money but you can also reduce the amount of rubbish going to landfill by using recycled items to gift wrap presents with. Here are some ideas...
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1. Brown Paper – I always start wrapping gifts in plain brown paper. You can tie them with string, ribbon, fabric, rope, string handles from clothing bags or pieces of news paper Basically anything that would wrap around.

2. Brown paper bags – I keep all my brown paper bags or the bags that you are given from fashion retailers. I remove the string handle and flat pack the bag until needed. The bag can also be reused as a gift bag with new ribbon or turned inside out and used as wrapping paper.

3. Newspaper or magazines – This can be a very cheap way to wrap presents. Use an image, comic sketch or colored pages to wrap a present. Finish with a natural twine,rope or recycled ribbon.

4. Cloth bags & fabric gift bags – I reuse all my plain or suppliers fabric gift bags. These are great for wrapping clothing or books. All I need is to use some ribbon or twine and a tag to tie it up into a parcel.

5. Plants from your garden - Depending on the season there can be many things you can use in your garden.You can use flowers, herbs, leaves, twigs, driftwood, petals or basically anything you can find in your garden. They can be used fresh or dried and tied with rope, ribbon or twine.

6. Scrap cloth, buttons, lace & ribbon - Whenever we have to throw away an old worn item of clothing I always save the buttons and remove and save the decorative items like any lace, hems or details or pieces of the fabric that can be used for something else. Again they can be tied with some rope, ribbon or twine around the parcel. Whenever I take up my families trousers I usually have pieces of cloth left over that can be used to bundle up oddly-shaped gifts or used as a fabric feature wrap around a parcel.

7. Toddler artwork – If you have children I am sure you probably have tons of drawing paper scribbled on with coloured pens. You can either use all of the paper to wrap with and tie with matching ribbon or crop some of the paper to make a feature wrapping stripe.

Have fun.


  1. these ideas are excellent - I love to recycle for presents and I so love your blog :)

  2. Love these practical and eco-friendly ideas. They look so good. Thanks for sharing them.

    Have a wonderful Christmas. Pam x

  3. It is very nice to have wrapping ideas.


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