Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Small bathroom design ideas :: Mirrors

If any of you are following my journey to explore the options when designing a small bathroom I have another tip for you.

With small bathrooms it is all about introducing detail into the room. Even though larger mirrors can make a room feel bigger they also reduce the opportunities you have to introduce detail into a small space. Sometimes there is just not enough depth in a small room to allow for these built in storage mirrors. I will deal with storage in a later post.

Instead you can introduce a smaller decorative mirror or two. Better still would be to recycle an old picture frame and convert it into a mirror to add interest, detail and character.
image via House and Home
image via Homes and Gardens
top image via Living etc and bottom image via Decorpad
images via Living etc, House to Home & Carolina Eclectic
image via Anna Spiro
Above are just a few examples I have found that I hope you will find inspiring. Have fun.


  1. I'm following. Some great ideas here. I personally don't feel I need a big mirror in the bathroom and would prefer a pretty one with a nice frame.

  2. I do think mirrors add a lot to a bathroom. I'm not sure I would go as crazy with mirrors as some of these designers have!

  3. Great design! I love to have mirrors in my bathroom..

  4. I do think big mirrors add character to the bathroom. It's all in the mind, so bigger the reflection, bigger the imagination and so on. Also avoid clutter and too many gizmos staring in your face.
    For the floor dark shinning tiles against very light coloured preferably plain tiles for the walls. If you have budget for vanity units shinning white coloured units go very well against mirror black floor tiles.

  5. Nice ideas you have shared which is informative and knowledgeable because space is the big problem to decorate our bathroom. Thanks for sharing this great post.

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Thanks for your thoughts. I read every comment and appreciate your feedback.
Have fun, Lisa

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