Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Searching for tiles & small basins

The hunt for bathroom tiles and small hand basins has begun...
I am looking for small tiles to balance a larger tile size for the small bathroom. Using small tiles balanced with a larger tile can add an extra detail to a room size which does not allow much space to add many details. 

I have also decided on a slim oval hand basin to sit on a recycled vanity unit and will be going to look around Brisbane's reclaim yards tomorrow for a piece of furniture that can be used for the vanity and also provide some much needed storage. Have fun.

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  1. Hey Lisa, I love a piece of repurposed furniture with a basin on top. I have sold lots of old sideboards, wash stands, dressing tables and meat safes for just this purpose. Can't wait to see the end result. Don't forget to check out ebay as it is sure to be a cheaper option and there is alot of choice, cheers Katherine


Thanks for your thoughts. I read every comment and appreciate your feedback.
Have fun, Lisa

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