Monday, November 22, 2010

Interior design workshops :: Last chance to vote

A special thank you to everyone who has already voted in my 2011 Interior Design Workshop survey. 

If you have not yet had chance to vote this is just a quick reminder that voting will finish in a few days. 

Just to recap, earlier this year I presented an interior design workshop in Brisbane on "Discovering your design style". It was a great chance to meet some lovely people and to help them answer questions regarding specific interior design and decoration issues.
I have found that many people under estimate the amount of time and do not fully realise what is involved to create their desired room look. The challenge is knowing where to start, what to do, how to prioritise and who to call. Also with so many choices in the market it can be quite confusing to make decisions.

I had great feedback from that workshop and now plan to run a further series of interior design workshops next year and would love to hear what topics you would be most interested in. The topics could be:

"Discovering your own design style"
"How to decorate - the first steps"
"How to use colour in the home"
"How to design a bathroom"
"How to design a kitchen"
"How to create a healthy, non toxic & eco friendly home"
"How to style a property for sale"
"How to design a French inspired room"
"How to design an eclectic Asian inspired room"
"How to renovate for profit"

I would love to hear your feedback so I've have created a poll in my sidebar. Please feel free to vote for your preferred workshops including their location.

If you would like to know any further details please feel free to email me here or if there are any other interior design issues you would like to know more about please leave a comment.

Thank you for your guidance and have a great week.


  1. I was just thinking of you and your workshops on the weekend. I hope you run some soon. x

  2. Great to read that the workshop went well. Catch up soon. Michelle


Thanks for your thoughts. I read every comment and appreciate your feedback.
Have fun, Lisa

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