Friday, November 19, 2010

Fjall :: Falls Creek, Victoria, Australia

Earlier this year I had the opportunity to stay in Falls Creek and do some skiing which is one of my favourite outdoor activities.

As I am always on the hunt for unique places to stay I could not help myself to tell you about Fjall Ski Lodge in Falls Creek. This luxury alpine lodge with interiors designed by Hecker, Phelan & Guthrie brings a strong sense of nature and the outdoors inside with a subtle reference to the Scandinavian interior design style. 

Their palette uses a mix of oak timber floors, custom designed oak timber joinery softened with a palette of charcoal, white, black and pale grey fabrics and upholstery. They also keep to an Australian made focus with their beds and ottomans made by Jardan.
images by Peter Bennetts

These rooms certainly provide a sense of calm and balance reflecting the landscape that surrounds this lodge. If you are interested in staying at Falls Creek for your next Ski holiday, click here for further details on the Fjall Ski Lodge. Have fun.


  1. Lovely, lovely, lovely. Skiing is the most fun outdooractivity for me-and my familiy, too. Last year we had snow outside our window all winter long. Actually better than norwegian summer;-);-)


  2. How lovely! That looks like a gorgeous place to stay! Falls Creek is such a pretty place and what a great season it was! I've been at Falls in the middle of Winter.... sunbaking! Not this year! So much snow.
    X Briohny.

  3. I really like the mix of xolours...or rather non-colours!!

    They're soooo restful and calming to look at.

    Sunny skies and warm seas seems a fair swap for Georgian houses!
    I'm trying not to feel envious!

    How's your bathroom getting on?



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