Thursday, October 28, 2010

Natural modern design by Lisa Coulburn

Design Refuge has posted their October challenge... What is your design style?

When I design interiors for my clients I always design for their own personal design style so this is a lovely opportunity to share my own design style with you.

My style can be described as natural modern with an eclectic traveller twist and a strong connection to the outdoors. As an interior designer I am also inspired by recycling old materials and the use of non-toxic and natural finishes.

These images (courtesy of photographers Richard Powers & Rhiannon Slatter and Linda from Oeke design) are a collection of natural materials and textures, reclaimed wood and objects that tell stories of past memories and experiences with different cultures. They really sum up my own style which reflects my life, my travels and my connection to nature. They will also be the starting point for my own dream home. 

What's your design style?


  1. These are SUCH BEAUTIFUL images! I really love your design style.

    I love the overlap with my style but I also love the differences too.



  2. Hello I found you via Thea, lovely blog!
    You inspiration pictures are beautiful, I particularly like the last one and those stairs :)
    My style seems to change a bit but always nature, wood, linen...a splash of colours that I can change I guess :)

  3. These images are so beautiful and calming. Just lovely :)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog today :) Looking forward to checking out more here!

  4. Hi Lisa! Thanks for the visit and the nice comment. Love these images...there are actually a few that I would have chosen as well to describe my style. Great finding you!

  5. Hi! Thanks for the comment and the follow over at mine. Love what you have here, and am definitely following. Stunning images - I love that headboard made from the wood planks!

  6. HI Lisa, thanks for your sweet words, and so happy you left a comment.
    Like your style!! (I´ve even posted the bottom image on my own blog a while ago, it´s amazing and looks like a beautiful retreat :)
    See you soon, Lena.

  7. Hi Lisa!
    Nice to find you too!
    I love the living room in the last photo, so spacious and bright! Great choice!
    See you around =)
    Eleniof My Paradissi

  8. So beautiful and soothing images, Lisa! Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog yesterday, your blog is delightful! xoxo

  9. Wow Lisa .. if these images sum up your style - I wish I could hire you to come work some magic in my home and make it MY style.

    (Oh, and thanks for the lovely mention - those images are great aren't they!!)

  10. Hi Lisa, love the last image but also love the stool in the kitchen image. I am looking for something similar to sit in my main bathroom when it's finished. Michelle

  11. The images are beautiful. And I can really get an understanding of your style through these.

    I'm new to your blog, and I'm glad I found it. I'm a design student myself so always on a look for designers who blog.

    I'm with you on using non-toxic finishes. I'm still learning, but something I'm personally interested in.

  12. These pictures are just beautiful.


Thanks for your thoughts. I read every comment and appreciate your feedback.
Have fun, Lisa

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