We provide the following design services:

We offer a complete interior design & interior decoration service including:
 Colour consultations
 Interior design & interior decoration
 Furniture, soft furnishing, lighting, accessories, rugs  & artwork selections
 Design of custom made furniture, re-upholstered furniture and cabinetry 
 Material & finishes selections
 Selection and specification of new wall colours, floor finishes, & lighting 

For new builds and renovations we offer a complete interior design & interior decoration for:
 Complete interior design schemes
 Room and furniture layouts
 Bathroom and kitchen design
 Selecting materials, finishes, sanitary-ware and kitchen equipment
 CAD drawings, joinery drawings, FF & E schedules and material boards

How to hire us:

You can hire us in the following ways:
 Colour consultations
 In-home verbal consultations
 One-on-one advice
 To design your home, room or furniture
 Self guided e-courses

As we know how important it is to support local and Australian businesses and provide natural and healthy environments, we pride ourselves with considering using the following when sourcing furniture, products and materials…
 Non-toxic finishes, materials, paints, adhesives and fabrics
 Natural fibres & natural materials
 Revamped, recycled furniture and reclaimed materials
 Locally sourced furniture and materials
 Fairtrade products

Just a reminder that:
 All our designs are tailored to your specific requirements and design style.…and of course if you are insure of your design style we will work through this as part of our service
 All our quality designs are unique (no rehashes or standard design packages)
 We have over 20 years of experience within Australia, Asia and London
 We work Australia-wide


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